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Reliable and efficient humidifying products

At Humidifier Guys, we have been offering humidification products for commercial and industrial applications. We have an efficient, versatile and reliable steam injection, steam heat exchange and gas and electrical fired humidifier. Our products are backed by guarantees as well as exceptional customer service. You can choose from our complete line of low maintenance, easy to install humidifiers and accessories that will provide optimal air quality as well as relative humidity control in your unique environment.


Innovative products designed to meet your needs

At Humidifier Guys we are the leading innovators in the industry. We have several patents for our efficient and advanced humidifier designs. We have different systems from which you can choose from using a wide range of energy sources. This ensures that you can get a system that has been designed to meet your exact environment.


Humidifier service and maintenance

At Humidifier Guys we have an in-house team of engineers that offer maintenance and service for all models and makes of the humidification system. If your system is to work at maximum efficiency, it will require regular maintenance. We have experienced professionals who are dedicated to maintaining your humidifier top ensure that it operates efficiently throughout its lifespan. This ensures that you can enjoy your peace of mind when you know that your humidifying system will be looked after.

You can contact us on 888-334-7131 for your humidifier needs.


In-home measurements

Other than temperature, there is nothing that affects the comfort of your home like humidity. The unfortunate thing is that there is a little range between too little and too much of it. We Humidifier Guys ensure that humidity control is in your hands using the humidification and dehumidification solutions for your entire home.

While your home doesn’t have the right humidification levels, you will find that it can cause a host of problems. Heating your home will end up drying the air in the home. The dry air will absorb moisture from things inside the home leading to too little humidity. On the other hand, day to day activity such as cooking, breathing or doing laundry can add up to 25 pounds of humidity in your home.

By having the right humidity levels in your home, you can spare your home of the health problems, home damage and irritability that can be caused by wrong humidity. With our whole home humidifiers and whole home dehumidifiers, you can find a solution that is right for you and your home. With our products, it has never been easier to achieve total comfort in your home.

The right humidity can increase the indoor air quality of your home or office and fight the negative effects that are caused by dry air and dehydration. This enables the immune system of the body to defend itself from the harmful germs. Dry air is a major cause of nose bleeding, respiratory infections, flu and colds. It can also affect the ability of your immune system to combat germs. With a whole-house humidifier from Humidifier Guys, it will be possible maintain proper humidity levels for your overall health. You can contact us on 888-334-7131 for all your humidifying solutions.

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