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At Humidifier Guys we have the latest state of the art research and development centers. We have the latest computerized testing equipments to test our complete line of industrial and commercial humidifier products. This makes it possible for us to test a wide range of products to determine the best solution for your application. From development to testing to manufacturing, we ensure that you get the highest quality of a humidification system.

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We Humidifier Guys back all our humidifiers with unmatched customer service as well as written guarantee and therefore, you can be assured that our service won’t stop at the point of sale.


At Humidifier Guys we pride ourselves as the leading innovators in the industry. We boast of several patents and highly advanced and efficient humidifiers.

You home is without doubt a major investment. It can be quite expensive to heat your home during the cold season. However, with a home humidifier to control the humidity of your home, you will feel warmer at low temperatures. This is due to the fact that water tends to evaporate slower from the skin in humid conditions giving a feeling of warmth. However, drier air causes water to evaporate more quickly cooling and drying the skin. Even by simply lowering the thermostat by a few degrees, it is possible to save a lot of money.

You have definitely spent a lot of money trying to keep your home nice. You have installed carpets, wood flooring, furniture, wood flooring, paints, molding and many more items that can cost you thousand of dollars. Without proper humidity, you can end up ruining this investment. With a humidifier from Humidifier Guys it is possible to protect your priced possessions.

You may have a hardwood floor, wood furniture or a beautiful cabinetry in your kitchen. The humidity levels can affect these items and they may end up cracking, bending and warping. Wood is a natural product that will react as a result of changes in its environment. The leading cause of cracks in hardwood floors is dryness. When moisture is lost, it causes shrinkage of the individual pieces.

Dry air can cause dehydration leading to:

Dry skin, sinuses and eyes

Joint and muscle pain

Scratch throat

Lack of concentration

Problems with the immune system

Proper humidity in your home will provide the necessary moisture which will help to keep your skin supple and soft, making the body look and feel younger. You can get whole house humidifier from Humidifier Guyswill make it possible for you to maintain the right humidity in your home necessary for your overall good health.

If you have a piano or any other wooden instrument in the home, you must be sensitive to the humidity levels if you are to ensure the long life of your musical instrument. Most pianos are primarily made of wood which is not only beautiful but also versatile. However, your priced investment can be affected by the humidity levels. Changes in humidity can cause wood to shrink and swell affecting touch and tuning stability. Extreme change in humidity will cause the wood to crack. To maintain the right humidity levels, you should contact Humidifier Guys on 888-334-7131.

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